Can you feel it? Spring is here! As the days get longer and the temperature starts to rise, it might be time to breathe some new life into your house or apartment. Here are seven great interior design tips you can try this spring that can give your place a brand new look.

  1. Highlight with flowers

Adding flowers to an area in your home is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to enhance its look. Order sunflowers online and let their vibrant yellow highlight the bright hues of your rug or blanket. Or have some gerberas delivered and put them on your shelf to bring out the great colours in your books, photos and frames. Online flowery delivery gives you a convenient way to transform the look of your space without doing any major renovations.

  1. Make your sills sing

Another way to get more visual value out of something you already have is to paint your window sills different colours. Painting them, shudders or other trim around your panes can be a quick and easy way to switch things up.

  1. Go green

If you have items ready for a makeover, consider using green paint that provides a hint of liveliness. Combining such items with fresh flower delivery can break an indoor space out of the wintry doldrums and having it singing the songs of spring.

  1. Find perfect pillows

Adding some pillows to your furniture is a great way to reinvigorate the bigger pieces in your home without having to fully replace them. The right combination of pattern and colour on pillows can make couches and chairs stand out. Don’t be afraid to go big and make a real design statement and with pieces that can play off the colours of your favourite flowers or other home accessories.

  1. Check out chalkboard surfaces

Using chalkboard surfaces gives you a chance to customise areas over and over again. Chalkboard pots are great places in which to put your favourite plants and provide a fun opportunity to write and draw as you please. For a larger swath, use chalkboard paint on a section of wall, potentially in the kitchen or rumpus room. Then you and the kids can design as you please.

  1. Practice peacefulness

Want to find a place in which you can hide away for a bit of rest and relaxation? Whether it’s your bedroom or another room in your residence, adding some soft white colour to a room can help bring calmness to it. Start with some white tulips or lilies and go from there.

  1. Repurpose with a purpose

Garage sales and secondhand stores can be your best friends when it comes to redesigning the look of your home. Find cheap, old tools, signs and containers and use them to add some character to a boring shelf or table. You can even use old watering cans, jars and bottles as vases for the flowers you order online.
If you’re looking to bring a new look to your home or flat, try some of these design tips and let us know how you go! And, of course, don’t forget that ordering flowers online can have an immediate impact on just about any environment. Get some today!

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