Birth Month Flowers from January to December: Know Your Birth Flower

Birthdays are perfect for giving flowers but did you know each month of the year has its own flower and a special meaning? Just like birth month stones, there is a certain flower that represents the month you were born in. When you’re sending a floral birthday gift, choosing the special flower for someone’s birth month tells them you really care. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the significance and meaning of each birth month flower from January to December.

Carnations are the Birth Month Flower of January

January’s flower is the gorgeous carnation, always a favourite. Carnations signify beauty, gratitude and admiration, you can’t go wrong. But did you know the different colours mean different things? Pink is affection, red is ‘I love you,’ white is pure love and yellow means disappointment so leave the yellow ones out unless it is your loved one’s favourite colour.

Irises are the Stars for February Birthdays

Irises are the stars for February birthdays. Most of us know the purple variety but they also come in white and yellow, wouldn’t that make a fabulous arrangement. Iris’ mean faith hope and wisdom all of which send a very positive message for both the giver and receiver.

Daffodils are the March Birthday Flower

We all love daffodils and their cheerful colour. Lucky March birthday people, it is your flower! Of course, in the southern hemisphere, the daffodil doesn’t appear at the start of Spring, so you may have to settle for a flower that signifies joy, like gerberas or rainbow roses to bring the sunshine into their day. Coming from the northern hemisphere, daffodils appeared in early Spring and therefore signify new beginnings.

Daisies are the Birth Month Flower of April

A birthday in April? Send gerbera daisies. Whatever the variety or the colour daisies are always cheerful and is what they signify, as well as youth and peace. Daisies are also connected with secrets. The sender is letting you know they can keep that secret you shared with them.

Lily of the Valley is the Birth Month Flower for May

Some may think it is an old-fashioned flower but lily of the valley has never lost its appeal with its pure white flowers and sweet fragrance. Born in May, if you are lucky enough to receive these flowers know how much you mean to the giver. You complete the other person’s life. It doesn’t get better than that.

It’s Roses for June Birthdays

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. They are also the birth flower of June. Seen as a symbol of love the colour of the rose is important – red roses are the passionate ones, pink is motherly love, yellow for friendship and white for an apology. Read this handy guide to learn more about rose colour meanings and gift roses meaningfully

Birth Month of July? Send Delphiniums or Water Lilies

The birth month of July has delphiniums or water lily. Cheerful colours with a positive, often passionate message. If sent to a first love, they should be purple. When you want to let someone know you are open to new experiences, you should give them delphiniums.

Gladioli are for August Birthdays

These long flowers on sturdy stems signify strength and honour. Some say gladioli can pierce the armour around someone’s heart. With a gorgeous choice of colours, they are a great gift and last a long time. For a touch of indulgence, gift your loved one a luxury flower arrangement featuring gladioli.

Celebrate September Birthdays with Asters

Asters are the September birthday flower. Love and elegance and patience are all signified by the aster and in ancient times people believed they would ward off evil, so if someone gives you asters know that they have your back. If you want to thank someone for their patience asters will do it for you.

Marigold is the Birth Month Flowers for October

The luscious, deep golden yellow of the marigold will brighten any day, it is the October flower. Marigolds signify warm, fierce love and can be someone is working hard to win your affections. In the garden they will keep nasty pests away, so don’t ever think this is a common little flower, they are much more than that.

Chrysanthemums are the Birth Flower for November

Traditionally associated with Mother’s Day, chrysanthemums are the November birth month flower. These flowers mean loyalty, devotion and lasting friendship. Some regard chrysanthemums as the flower of kings and queens, while in China a petal in a glass of wine is believed to enhance longevity and ward off grey hair.

Poinsettias are for December Birthdays

The birth month flower must be the poinsettia. It’s been linked with Christmas around the world for a long time. A Mexican legend tells of a young girl who was very poor and could not afford a gift to take to the Christmas Eve festivities. She gathered a bouquet of weeds from the side of the road and when she placed the weeds beside the Christ Child in the manger, the poinsettia plants burst into brilliant red blooms. They simply mean good cheer.

Now you know not only the flower which matches the birth month of the one you cherish, but you also know their symbolism and meaning. So do it, send the flowers and their message to that special someone. Or contact the friendly team at Eufloria Flowers and they will do the rest.

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