5 tips for building outstanding office morale

Keeping employees motivated up in the office can make a world of difference in terms of productivity. Numerous studies have shown that a happy workplace is an efficient workplace. There are many ways to combat the mundanity of the office and keep moods positive. Read on to learn about a few methods for fostering great office morale.

  1. Order some office flowers – The benefits of ordering flowers online and sending them to the office are many and varied. Placing flowers in your company can help improve your mood and make your office a happier workplace as a whole. Finally, on a more superficial level, regularly ordering flowers from the office can make your work area look more beautiful. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out the flower concierge service, which will provide a continuous, high-quality flower delivery service according to a schedule that suits you and your company.

  2. Give some good feedback – People love knowing their hard work is being appreciated. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to do this. You can share this appreciation in a variety of ways. Send office-wide emails praising work, whether it be consistent good efforts or a specific instance of somebody going above and beyond the call of duty. Or hold weekly or monthly meetings in which you praise the company as a whole. No matter how you do it, make sure you let your team know they’re doing a good job. This will give them more incentive to keep striving for excellence. 

  3. Set up social events – It’s important for employees to get to know each other outside of the office. It can be hard to learn much about each other in the confines of a professional environment. However, setting up social gatherings, whether they be company BBQs or after-work drinks every once in a while, gives people a chance to bond and foster friendships. Not every worker has to become besties with his or her colleagues. But a team that can operate on strong professional and social terms is a team that will work well together. 

  4. Hire from within – It’s important for employees to know that they’re not stuck in a dead-end job. If they have no way of progressing, they might become dispirited and feel like they have nothing to work toward. By being open to promoting from within your organisation, you keep familiar faces together while also providing the extra encouragement some might need to keep churning out great efforts day in and day out. 

  5. Offer some sweet perks – Much like the suggestion to organise social events, offering some perks here and there if possible can put a smile on your employees’ faces. In addition to a floral concierge service, try to have some sweets or baked treats delivered to the office every once in a while or bring in fitness trainers or massage specialists on a regular basis. These little extras can make work something to look forward to. Keeping office morale high requires ongoing support. For a start, consider ordering Eufloria Flowers online, setting up social get-togethers and start shouting out the best and brightest in your group on a regular basis. If you yourself are not in a leadership position, suggest some of these to the higher-ups in your organisation. Doing so can help boost the moods of your team and therefore the productivity and efficiency of the business.

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