The Australia is a country of 53 million moms. With that stat in mind, it’s probably no surprise to you that more flowers are sent and phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. The ultimate symbol of love and appreciation, flowers have been used for centuries to express the way one feels.

Flowers are special for a lot of reasons, one being that they convey deep meaning. Like a card without words, they carry meaning to the person receiving them. With over 400.000 types of flowering plants in the world and more being discovered each day, the messages that you can deliver with a floral arrangement are endless.

Mother’s day flowers recommend

A few weeks before Mother’s Day, you may find yourself choosing between carnations, tulips, roses, and other beautiful flowers. If you ask us, choose carnations or chrysanthemums as the traditional Mother’s Day flowers to consider. However, if mom likes fragrant flowers, then lilies or indoor plants such as anthurium or cyclamen will also get our praise!

To help you, we’ve compiled some of the most popular flowers that represent Mother’s Day, so you can find the right bouquet to celebrate mum’s moment.


Carnations have long been the official flower of Mother’s Day across many countries and are a popular choice in Australia too! With its rich history, delicate fragrance, striking colour palette, fluffy and frilled petals, they are known to be a symbol of eternal love, admiration and thankfulness. Choose sophisticated bouquets featuring carnations in softer shades such as Devoted Mother or Carla. It’s the perfect choice for mums who like classics.



Tulips are a no-brainer and are a great seasonal choice for Mother’s Day. They come in all sorts of pretty colours, express warmth and affection, have a unique shape, a light scent and lasts longer than many other flowers – making it a good choice that’ll be appreciated by mum! Show her how much you cherish her and give the Perfect Mum a bunch of gorgeous pink tulips.


Roses just don’t just mean romance. From a simple classic bouquet of Pure Love to an elaborate hatted box arrangement of Eufloria, express your appreciation and admiration in having her as your mother with these designs featuring pink roses that symbolise the same. We don’t know a mom who doesn’t adore luscious long-stemmed roses. These delicate blooms are sure to bring a smile to her face.



Chrysanthemum is the simplest and most traditional choice for mother’s day in Australia, and it is abundant during this period. Light pink chrysanthemums and white chrysanthemums are the best choice for us to give gifts on Mother’s day.


Gift an anthurium potted plant to your mom who’s got a bit of a green thumb. Share a piece of your heart with her – the waxy leaves and petals mimic hearts and she can bask in its beauty throughout. Gifting her a Flamingo Flower is a good choice for she can appreciate it now and treasure it for months and years to come. Alternatively, Persian Violet, a Cyclamen pot plant makes for an iconic Mother’s Day gift too. This pink plant is lush and lovely with sweetly perfumed flowers that can be easily grown as an indoor plant.

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