Our Valentine’s Day is coming soon, are your flowers ready? Are you still worrying about choosing what type of flowers?
Don’t worry, don’t be nervous, we have prepared a bouquet suitable for each lover’s personality, and deliver the best quality flowers to your spouse on time at a specific time.

For the valentine who likes it classic (with a twist)

Valentine’s romantic red, beautiful pink, rich roses… these are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and there are good reasons! The “Dozen Red Rose Box” and “LOVE” rose bunches are classic bunches and will surely ignite their flames.

Dozen Red Rose Box

Each bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers comes with a free personalized gift card, which is a wonderful way to express your deepest affection. Be creative, add a poem or her favorite sentence and a cute teddy bear to the free card, which will surely make your lover head overwhelmed.

For the valentine with an eye for design

Festive Cheer

The selected red roses are separated from seasonal flowers and plants, so your creative lover can realize his vision.

For the romantic valentine

Little Angel

A delightful mixture of roses in soft pinks paired with seasonal foliage and arranged into a glass vase.

For the valentine who prefers preserved flowers


Dried flowers and preserved flowers displayed in ceramic vases, soft tones, can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Everlasting Garden

For the DIY valentine

We also support the DIY design of flowers so that your creative lover can arrange the flower stems according to their own wishes.

For the valentine who prefers plants

Plants are also great gifts because they are relatively easy to care for.

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