Flowers are the staple food of weddings. They have been a symbol of love for centuries. Since ancient Greece, they have been regarded as wedding gifts given by nature, because they symbolize the natural nature of love and the commitment between husband and wife. Over the years, these flower covers have been used for different purposes and represent different meanings.

If you’re planning a spring wedding this year, our guide will help to highlight the top wedding flowers choices for Spring 2021 so that you have a stylish wedding to remember.

1. Rose

  • As a smbol of love, roses are very suitable for holding flowers. But note that roses of different colors have different meanings!
  • Red rose language – passionate love, love you deeply
  • Yellow rose language – enjoy the day with you
  • Orange rose language – mysterious love
  • White rose language – our love is pure, innocent, pure and respected
  • Pink rose language – bright and soft smile, emotional in the heart and declaration of love
  • Champagne rose language – love you

2. Lily

Lily means “eternal love” and is also a good choice for wedding bouquets. The language of lily is natural, pure and eternal love, symbolizing the innocence and romance of love. At the same time, the fresh and elegant lily combination is also very beautiful, making a bunch of flowers!


3. Tulip

Carnations represent love, charm and respect. Light red represents admiration, and dark red represents deep love and care. Pure white represents pure love and luck. Pink carnations have the most important symbolic and historical significance, so pink carnations have become the symbol of immortal maternal love.


4. Gerberas

In the Victorian language of flowers, gerberas mean happiness. They are a symbol of the simple beauty that often translates to a very happy life.


5.  Azaleas

Throughout the world, this flower stands for love and gentleness, making it perfect to give to a loved one for any occasion.


Local Seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers are always a popular choice due to their availability during that time of year and in 2021, this is no exception. However, due to the pandemic, sourcing your flowers from local florists is a way to have quality flowers at your wedding while supporting businesses that have struggled. This will add a little more meaning to your wedding flowers. Popular flowers that bloom in spring are calla lilies, lavender, daisies and snapdragons. They offer bright colours and an assortment of textures to bring variety to your wedding.

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